Join us at camp this summer!

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Welcome to Camp Common Ground. 

  • The application below can be filled out by either a camper or parent/guardian.

  • Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, so please apply early! Please understand that completing this application does not guarantee enrollment. It is, however, the perfect first step.

  • Once you've completed this application, Zach and Ron, the camp directors, will follow up with you in an email or phone call about health information and payment.

  • You may also submit an optional scholarship application. This is included at the bottom of this application.

As a reminder, the details for camp are below:

  • Dates: June 17 (Monday), 2019 - June 29 (Saturday), 2019

  • Tuition: $50-$2,600 sliding scale. This means that any camper who is accepted will have their tuition set according to their family's finances. While we have budget constraints, we do our best to make sure finances are not a barrier for anyone. The full tuition is $2,600 and with full scholarship tuition is $50, and families may have tuition set anywhere along that scale, such as tuition of $300, $500, $800, $1,100, $1,500, $2,000, and $2,200. This tuition covers three reunions events during the school year.

  • Transportation: Transportation will be provided to and from a designated location in downtown Oakland.

  • Note: Eligible campers are current 6th-8th graders (rising 7th-9th graders). If you feel your child might be a good fit, but is not in that age bracket, please contact us.

Camper Name *
Camper Name
Camper Phone (if they have one)
Camper Phone (if they have one)
Parent/Guardian Name *
Parent/Guardian Name
If there are multiple parents/guardians, please just fill out for one, whoever would like to be the primary contact about camp!
Parent/Guardian Phone *
Parent/Guardian Phone
Will you be attending the same school in Fall 2019? *
What grade are you in right now? *
Please provide the best number at which to reach you (if different than Parent/Guardian Phone already listed)
Please provide the best number at which to reach you (if different than Parent/Guardian Phone already listed)
Campers (Youth) Please Complete This Section
Scholarship Application (optional)
If you would like to be considered for a scholarship to attend camp, then please complete the scholarship application below. We will follow up with you about submitting your W-2 and other supporting documentation. Our goal as an organization is to make camp accessible to all campers.
This is pre-tax income from all income sources.
Does the camper live in more than one household?
Please provide your per MONTH rent, not the full year.
Do you qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch
e.g. Child support, other dependent special needs, employment status, major transitions
Would you like to be on a payment plan to pay over the course of several months (not all at once)?

Thank you for applying!