An interactive segregation map highlights how we are still separate

The Washington Post used U.S. census data from 1990, 2000, 2010, and latest estimates from the 2016 five year American Community Survey to put together an interactive map to explore how racial demographics in American cities and suburbs have changed over the past 3 decades.  The map shows that though America is more racially diverse than ever, we are still very segregated.

In “Cycle of Segregation” by Kyle Crowder and Maria Krysan, the authors argue that “factors such as social networks and communities play a large role in keeping segregation embedded in American life.”  This is why we at Camp Common Ground work to build integrated social networks through a transformative summer camp experience and meaningful year-round programming.  

You can enter your zip code to see what the racial demographics look like in your neighborhood.  Use it to explore: 1) How racially diverse is your neighborhood?  2) How segregated is it?  3) How has it changed over time?

Afterwards, we invite you to reflect: 1) Does this data resonate with your lived experience?  2) How might someone of a different race from your neighborhood have a different lived experience from you?

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America is more diverse than ever - but still segregated, Washington Post, May 10, 2018