What happened at camp in summer 2016?

Take a look at the photos, and see for yourself!


who are the commoners of 2016?

We are proud of and inspired by our Commoners (what we call our campers). As the inaugural class, they set the tone for Camp Common Ground's culture evermore. They earned Commoner medallions (like Leadership, Empathy, and Understanding), they shared vulnerably and trusted one another, they hung together even when things got tough like in the Commoner Color War, and they laughed and swam and played and had a lot of love for one another and the community. They showed us all what Commoners are really made of.


Alan Inda, EPIC Middle School, Oakland                    

Alegria Jeremias-Lin, Aptos Middle School,             San Francisco

Blanca Herrera, Summit K2 Public School, Richmond                          

Daphne Balona, Montrose Leadership Academy, Oakland

Dragon McCoy, King Middle School, Berkeley              

Emmanuel Porter-Honicky, Albany Middle School, Santa Cruz

Johnathon Kelly, Longfellow Middle School, Berkeley   

Julius Frauenheim, Gateway Middle School, San Francisco

Keana Howard, Summit K2 Public School, Herculues   

Lily Martin, Summit K2 Public School, Kensignton     

Maryah Hickman-Lewis, Stockton Collegiate, Stockton

Omri Elhasid, Contra Costa Jewish Day School, Concord

Robby Fuimaono, Tehiyah Day School, Lafayette           

Veronica Becerra, St. Edward Catholic School, Newark

Alexis Ayala, Coliseum College Prep Academy, Oakland

Amarri El, Elmhurst Community Prep, Oakland           

Corinne Fuller, Summit K2 Public School, Antioch                              

Corinne Fuller, Summit K2 Public School, Antioch                              

Diego Barragan, Longfellow Middle School, Berkeley    

Dylan Carraher, Summit K2 Public School, El Cerrito 

Izabella McClintock, Willard Middle School, Berkeley  

Joseph Bean Jr., Elmhurst Community Prep, Oakland  

Justeis Mae Saephan, Summit K2 Public School, Rodeo

Lauren Nelson, Longfellow Middle School, Pinole          

Makhi Bates, Longfellow Middle School, Berkeley         

Nacia Russell, Life Academy, Oakland                                                     

Percy Brooks, Elmhurst Community Prep, Oakland      

Sabriel Shane, Montera Middle School, Oakland          

Cabin #9 A.K.A Savage Spartans

Cabin #8 A.K.A. Wild Fetty Waps 

Cabin #4 A.K.A Shady Savage Hearts

Cabin #3 A.K.A. Watermelon Unicorns

Commoner Class of 2016







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