What was your experience at Camp Common Ground like?


Why would you recommend camp common ground to other families?


"I feel like shouting the recommendation from the tallest mountain. This camp is everything it claimed and then some. This is a life altering experience for kids. There were lots of activities and supervision, and the kids engaged in meaningful discussions about life and the world we live in. Every kid got a chance to bond both individually and as a group, and the leaders created an environment that everyone felt comfortable and worthwhile." ~Pam, parent of a Commoner

“It is an amazing, non-judgmental place to share a child's innermost feelings and circumstances. It also will bring out the best in them.” ~Parent of a Commoner

"There are many reasons I would and have recommended Camp Common Ground to other families but one main reason is because what Zach and Ron are doing is something so unique and very valuable. They are bringing kids from different socio and economic backgrounds and showing them that we are all the same and no one is less than anyone else. And also that they can lead by example and make a real difference not only in their communities but also in the world." ~ Parent of a Commoner

"If you want your child to explore and discover more parts of him/herself, to be exposed to a caring group of peers who are willing to be more transparent with each other, to learn more about empathy and leadership and community then Camp Common Ground is for you!" ~ Parent of a Commoner

“Zach and Towns were amazing about working with our financial constraints and our deliberations around coming to camp. They were supportive and walked us through the process and I am so glad that they did - my son had an amazing experience at camp!” ~Hadas, parent of a Commoner

"We think these leadership and social-emotional competencies will be increasingly important in the world our son is growing up into. Its scale is unique. The small group size and high counselor-to-camper ratio made it a good experience for our son. He wants to attend again. And our daughter, who is about to enter middle school, wants to attend as well!" ~Parent of a Commoner


“I was immediately impressed with the fact that they had set goals for teaching a diverse group 'tweens appropriate social-behavior and empathy. Not only that it seemed to have a very low ratio of 4:1. You can go in feeling uneasy and skeptical but in the end a family is built. Not only that Zach & Ron has done an amazing job with picking the right group of strangers to join hands. Thank you again Zach & Ron!” ~Parent of a Commoner


What was the impact on your child?


"This camp helped build [her] confidence and independence. She learned concrete skills for communicating and having tough conversations. She felt bonded with the other campers and appreciated the diversity. It helped her see that things and people aren't always what they appear at first glance. She has shared with me that this is one of the best experiences she's had in her life. Initially I was hesitant to apply, and [she] and I were both really nervous about her being gone for so long. We both had a lot of doubt and anxiety leading up to her departure. This was the longest she's ever been away from home, and the longest we've ever spent apart. But she never once got homesick, and (as I learned when she got home) she bonded with her cabin mates on the first day. She was moved by the conversations and activities that took place over the two weeks. The sensitivity that was shown to the campers is not something that can be found everywhere. From what she described, it was a safe environment where youth felt comfortable being themselves, and opening up to each other. She had an amazing time and is so glad she had this opportunity. It exceeded both of our expectations. Thank you so much, Zach and Ron!" ~Parent of a Commoner

"I felt Camp Common Ground's mission was a perfect match for my 12 year old son son. He had been impacted by some bullying and it seemed as if he was beginning to protect himself more and more with some stereotypical "boy" behavior. I wanted him to experience other boys and girls of his age in a more open and caring environment. He came home and told me that though he was initially concerned about going away for 2 weeks, that he LOVED the camp! One of his first comments to me was 'Mom, I learned to converse so openly and vulnerably.' Thanks Towns and Zach!!" ~Parent of a Commoner

"The 2 directors had come up with incredible lesson plans to teach kids compassion, leadership and integrity. The impact was astonishing. My child came home with more confidence and social comprehension than I had ever thought she would develop in her teen years. She made great friends that gave her a sense of belonging that she has never really found among her age group. I can’t say enough good things, if you want a solid, open minded social mindset for your child, you will be so pleased with these 2 weeks of camp, sign him/her up asap.” ~Pam, parent of a Commoner

"Damian came home HAPPY! He was happy he met new people, he felt appreciated and respected by other races and cultures. Damian had many positive stories about all the games, writing and interactions they all did in groups in order to identify others feelings and try to find solutions to help everyone feel safe and cared for. Damian learned about himself and on how to deal with certain situations that "will" come up. We feel confident that Damian will be successful in school in helping others feel respected and appreciated." ~Rosaura, Parent of a Commoner

“I heard so so many fantastic stories from my daughter. I have already recommended Camp Common Ground to friends and family because she came back with great skills when it comes to being able to work in a group with anyone and also being able to lead when necessary and listen when someone wants and needs to be heard.” ~ Parent of a Commoner

First of all, he had a great time! He made some friendships with kids he otherwise never would have met. And he did work on the kinds of cultural skills we hoped he would develop. Our son told stories of kids sharing some heart-breaking stories of personal struggle; these seemed to enable him to deepen his sense of empathy and teach him not to judge people without knowing more about them.”~Ed, parent of a Commoner

“My son had an amazing experience! He talked about all the activities they did. Not just normal camp activities. But activities to teach them how to interact in a society where race is still an issue. I love the fact that our children didn't have electronic devices with them. Which brought them back to nature and also able to focus on the task at hand. Amazing job Camp Common Ground! “

“I would recommend Camp Common Ground because of the open communication with the camp leaders, the great results I have seen in how my daughter has learned to use social skills and feel a sense of belonging despite differences in likes, background, socio economic, etc. CCG Rocks!” ~Mercedes, parent of a Commoner

My son made amazing connections with kids he never would have had the opportunity to cross paths with in his daily life. He learned a lot about himself and his place as a leader in the community.”~Hadas, parent of a Commoner

"I wanted a camp experience that was safe and informative and fun. My son said he had a lot of fun and did not miss his electronics at all.  My son learned so much and was so proud of the friendships he founded there. This camp helped my son examine and see himself as a global citizen in ways I don't think other camps he has attended were equipped to do." ~Lois, parent of a Commoner.


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